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Medicinal Purposes

Closed eyes help me fit in.
And closed lips keep these kisses—
Saved for you.
Days and hours fuck me into numbness,
Keeping me stranded.
This world… is wrong
It doesn’t fit!
Your hand is absent from mine;
And all that you don’t miss.
In the wake of my scream,
I find a million eyes
Staring at the pavement.
In the wake of my panic,
I find a million hands
Wrapped around my limbs.
Pushed and squeezed,
Strapped and sawed off,
Like a fallen tree after a hurricane.
The pain is gone.
The feeling of wanting,
And waiting,
And hoping,
Have all dissipated.
All white and pure
With black ink spots
I tell them “Tree.”
When all I see is “You.”
They give the best medicine.


"This Hole Will Not Be Tricked"

There is this feeling inside my chest
A hole of bad things that never rests
It’s filled to the brim and slightly overflowed
Gestating inside is the sadness untold
With all of the bad suffocating the good
I just can’t see a way out like I should
The walls are getting closer while the maggots swim around
The crows circle over looking for solid ground
They peck and they pick the skin from my bones
I beg and plead for them to leave me alone
They swallow my tongue and cough up my lies
I’m treading so lightly I deserve to die
I’ve tried to fill this hole with all my happy thoughts
But with every smile I fake, I’m caught and distraught
I’m lunch to these factions, my iron’s their bait
I’m swallowed up whole, my bones are displaced
My shadow crawls out of the hole gasping for air
I will her back in, no one is spared.

Day burns down to night;
Burns the edge of my soul.
In the night,
I break into sparks of suns
And become fires in
A dust of bones.
Night knifes my breath,
Swallows whole my tongue.
Turn back, Reverse, Return.
In the night I see the real
Concealed in the day’s bright lie.
Eyes stitched shut,
White teeth smile.
Sleep walks and talks,
And feet mark time,
Of a drumless beat…
Nick, The Invisible
I am stuck in the constant struggle of not being good enough to myself or for myself. From doubting myself, to then reassuring myself, all the while defending myself, to finally accepting myself. I repeat this process daily. And I love every minute of it. It helps me keep focus and keep my mind open to different perspectives.
KLWaite (via lovemebrainsout)

In Layman’s Terms: Fuck Off!

Dear Ex,
If the only desire you possess
is the overwhelming urge
to regail me with the redundant reverence
of our coitus; then I’d rather
you ignore my oxygen intake
in addition to my contact information.


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